Aug. 6, 2015

I don't know where to begin....

I decided I had better write about some of the past few days with Arrow or it would become way too much for 1 post.  I will break it up into smaller posts every few days.  Today I am going to introduce him and talk about his history.  Arrow is an 8 year old Bay Thoroughbred gelding.  He was born April 28th, 2008.  He is an Off Track Thoroughbred like Lake and raced in 2012.  His racing name was Count Arrow’s.  He has the personality of a big dog, definitely not of a racehorse!🤪  He comes when called, follows you around the pasture like a piece of tape, licks you and LOVES to be loved on by his humans!  But his humans are HIS humans.  Last night we were in the pasture hanging out with Arrow and Attache and Toby started walking over to see what we were doing.  As they got closer, Arrow pinned his ears back and mad dogged them.  They both turned and walked the other way.  There is not much drama in the gelding pasture.  They are really a lot of fun to just sit and watch.  Their voices get really high pitched when there is a small dispute. 

 He was bought at a meat auction by HiCaliber Horse Rescue in February 2015 so he is a fairly new rescue.  His price was higher because he would make more $ for the kill buyers.  It takes about 10 seconds to be won over by Arrow.  What monster let him go to a meat auction?😠  All I can say is Lake sent me an Angel in this Horse named Arrow.  I feel guilty for falling for him so fast.😥  Lake will always be my special horse. ❤ I miss her like crazy!  She was not a snuggly type horse though.  I would compare her to an independent cat.  Arrow could hang with his peeps all day.  He is a very social horse!  The next few posts will be about his activities the 1st week,  1st few days of training,  racing career and his bonding with the family.  Lake’s story continues through another horse with another story to tell! 🙂