Aug. 3, 2015

Welcome Arrow:-)

This post won’t be too long because it has been a very busy day!  I am proud to announce we have a boy!  His name is Arrow racing name Count Arrow’s.  I was researching his history and I will have plenty to blog about.  He even has connections to Lake.  I fell in Love with this guy the moment I met him! ❤ A Big lovebug! He had no problem making new horse friends when we turned him out into his new pasture.😀 I’ll put pictures in the horse pic section.  I found Arrow at HiCaliber Horse Rescue.  I had not heard of them until they commented on a post on FB for SCTR.  The day after my last post about the Rescue’s, I was looking at their website and didn’t see any Thoroughbreds that were OTTB’s.  I emailed them to inquire as to if any of them were and Michelle immediately responded with some names.  I went back and found Arrow.  I somehow missed him the 1st time.  I set up a meeting the next day and brought my husband and trainer to meet him today.  I was approved for the adoption and Chloe brought him home to Kingsway for me.  Next few posts will be getting to know him, his history and his time from the rescue through his 1st few days at the farm.  I’m spending the day with him tomorrow.  Dr. Huth will be coming out tomorrow for a general exam.  Hope he gets the all clear!👍