Jul. 31, 2015

An Unexpected Turn

I’m horrible at taking selfies so this is one of my only ones with Lake.  Well, her story has taken another turn I wasn’t expecting.  I have met a Horse.  I’m not going to give his name or show pictures until I know I have been approved for him but I can say he Shot his way to my heart.  That is a clue. 😉  At the time of my last post I was sure I was going to adopt 1 of the 2 mares I wanted to meet at SCTR.  I still haven’t heard back but I understand they can get busy.  I had mentioned a few rescues to look at to see what they are about.  I was browsing the website of another rescue on Monday and saw a few Thoroughbreds but was not sure if they were OTTB’s and that was important to me so I emailed them.  Michelle responded with a few names so I went back to the website and found one of them who I seemed to have missed.  I knew I wanted to meet this Horse!  I met him on Tuesday and instantly fell in love!  I’m taking my husband and trainer to meet him on Sunday and I’m sure they will fall in love too.  If all checks out, I know what my final decision will be and I will be able to talk about our newest family member.  I thought for sure I would end up with another Mare and here I have found a Gelding with quite the personality.🤪  I know most people would look at several horses and decide from there.  I know I can’t do that.  For me, it needs to be one horse at a time.  Knowing myself, if I had to choose from 3 horses I would end up with a 2nd job to pay for the 3 horses I really can’t afford!  Check back soon for an update.  Sunday will be a big day! I have made the decision to retire Lake’s purple. That was her color.  I will use her blankets and saddle pads I already have but her halter is going to be a keepsake.  New horse will have a new color. 

 I do have to mention that when I was writing my anniversary post on Sunday, I did not know that 2 horses died racing at Del Mar that day.😥   It was the 71st race for one of them. If you read my 1st 2 posts you may remember that 2 horses died at the races we attended 1 year ago to the day.  That was a little eerie.  RIP sweet Thoroughbreds who give so much and ask for so little in return.