Jul. 23, 2015

The Rescue Organizations

The picture is Lake’s finish line and winner’s circle picture Joe had framed.  She was so far ahead there are no other horses in the picture.  Santa Anita race track sent me a DVD of her race too.  She looks amazing!  It really is ironic that she died from an injury you would expect at the track.  This leads into this week’s blog.

I have mentioned that she was a rescue but never really got into the subject of the actual rescue organizations that save these voiceless beauties.  They speak on their behalf.  You can find them on the back lot at the races. There are many and I encourage everyone to at least browse some websites to get an idea of what they really do.  A few I recommend to Google are Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (SCTR), Saving Baby Equine Charity and HiCaliber Horse Rescue.  I got Lake from SCTR.  They focus on Off Track Thoroughbreds, A.K.A. OTTB’s.  Like Lake, they are retired race horses.  I have sent in an adoption application to them and hope to hear soon.  I’m anxious to get back to the farm.  I’m starting riding lessons again with Chloe this Friday.  Saving Baby Equine Charity is in Michigan for anyone following this in other parts of the country.  Awhile ago I did a post on Saving Baby which is a book about the horse that lead to the start of this rescue.  You can click on the overview section that is at the bottom of each page and look up the post titled Saving Baby.  I believe that was back when I didn’t realize you could actually put the picture with the post so there is a picture with it, it is just in its own post. In addition to horses they also rescue donkeys.  HiCaliber Horse Rescue is located north of San Diego.  They rescue all different breeds of horses and I believe they have some donkeys too. I saw a picture of a cute cow on their FB page today. They allow volunteers to come and hang out with the horses helping with their daily care.  I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get ‘Horsey’ time!  I cannot stress enough how therapeutic it is.  Not just for the volunteers but for the horses as well.  I learned about ‘Compassion’ rescues through a very moving story posted on HiCaliber’s Facebook page a few days ago.  You will need Kleenex to read it.  This story was about a horse named Kennedy they originally rescued as a ‘Compassion’ horse and he ended up pulling through! They showed a video of him being ridden the other day. Some rescue organizations like theirs will get horses at auction that they know will not survive but want to give them a respectful ending and they have them euthanized humanely.  It takes special people to do this.  Had Kennedy not been rescued he would have gone to slaughter. Not all ‘Compassion’ rescues will have this success story but it can obviously happen. They can only do this with $ donated.  My point here is that you don’t have to adopt a horse to make a difference.  You can sponsor a horse or just donate to their general fund.  Every $1 makes a difference.  They have vet bills and feed costs that are ongoing. I started donating $30 a month to SCTR before I adopted Lake and I still do.  If you cannot donate money, you can volunteer your time. I learned through losing Lake that I have to be around horses. Unless my personal situation makes it impossible for me to have a horse, I will always have at least one.  I debated about mentioning the 2 horses I am looking at.  If I could afford it, I would adopt both in a heartbeat!  I have enough tack, blankets, fly sheets and ❤ for both. 😉  This continuation of Lake’s story took a turn I didn’t plan.  I originally was only focused on Cymple Rhythm ‘Della’.  I had been following her since before I adopted Lake.  Small world in that Saving Baby Equine Charity assisted SCTR with her rescue. I discovered that while reading the success stories on Saving Baby’s rescue's website.  I saw an update on her the day Lake died.  She is now available. Then I found Donna’s Dance ‘Dancer’s’ update on SCTR’s FB page and something just pulled at me.  She has been at the rescue since 2008 so she is definitely ready for her forever human! She is a bay like Lake but it wasn’t just that.  From what I have read about her personality I think we would be a great match!  With Lake, I knew within the 1st 5 minutes I wanted to bring her home.  I was hoping to possibly set up a meeting with Dancer this weekend.  I haven’t been able to speak directly to anyone at the rescue so that may not happen but we will see!  Update to follow.🙂