Jul. 18, 2015

What Happens Next?

It’s been a week since I lost my girl.  Today is a rainy day.  I miss her.😥   This week has truly been a roller coaster ride.  Extreme sadness and then joy in the prospect of helping another.  Yesterday I went to the Farm to say goodbye to Debra.  She is a seasonal resident and is leaving for awhile.  Debra sat with Lake in the pasture after she was euthanized until the rendering van came.  It takes a special person to do that.  There is so much comfort in knowing she was not by herself.  Debra made sure they treated her with respect when loading her and let them know she was a very special horse. The support I have received has been incredible! 

The purpose of this blog was not only for me to have a record of Lake’s story but to also maybe help someone who is experiencing what I am or to encourage someone to adopt a rescue.  This was a learning experience for me.  To be honest with you I didn’t give much thought to what happens after a horse dies.  I had it in my head that Lake and I were going to have years of joy until she died of old age.  I didn’t have a plan B.  In fact, I was starting to work on a plan for Lake if something were to happen to me.  Change of plans. 

I am so thankful that I was boarding at Kingsway.  They made decisions for me I never even thought of.  This is my experience so far.  I didn’t think about what happens once your horse dies.  Terry called the rendering van to pick her up.  I’m waiting for the bill.  I was told it is around $200.  He also clipped some of her tail for his wife Linda to make me a horse hair bracelet.  I heard they are beautiful!  I already know it will be my most cherished keepsake regarding Lake.  I have insurance for Lake but it was purchased to cover surgery if she coliced.  I couldn’t purchase it unless I also purchased mortality insurance so I did the least amount possible.  I wasn’t out to make money on Lake so her value was put at $650 which was her adoption fee.  Terry had also contacted my insurance company and so did my Vet.  He took photographs for them and took care of that part of the paperwork for me.  I had to fill out a proof of loss form.  That was depressing.  Also found out that both forms have to be notarized.  Lake was a registered Thoroughbred so they do request that you attach a copy of her registration papers but after calling them, they said I did not need that since she was a rescue.  I will be receiving a check for $650.  That check will go to my new rescue.  I’m still working on setting up a meeting with a mare I have in mind.  I mailed in my adoption application a few days ago.  I compared it to the one I filled out for Lake and it looked like they were filled out by 2 different people.  The 1st one had a lot of blanks and n/a’s or ‘will arrange’.  This application was completely filled out.  I realized how far I have come.  

This was hard to write.  I have to admit I started crying twice.  I am going to close this with a peculiar story.  My husband goes to bed about 2 hours before I do on nights before he works in the morning.  He gets up really early.  I use this time to catch up on my shows that he doesn’t watch.  I use the guest bathroom in the front of the house if I have to go and I used it about 30 minutes after he went to bed.  To get there I walk through our formal dining room which has the large portrait of Lake my husband had framed.  He had put 2 sconces with battery operated candles on either side of it to highlight it.  We only light them when guests come over and they are controlled by a wireless remote.  We hadn’t turned them on for a few weeks.  I know that room was dark the 1st time.  I used it once more right before I went into the bedroom for bed so I wouldn’t wake Joe up flushing ours in our bedroom.  As I walked towards the bathroom I realized both candles were on and flickering and I could make out the images of Lake.  I thought maybe Joe came out and turned them on and I just didn’t notice.  Since I was going to bed I needed to turn them off.  The remote control would not turn them off.  I discovered the batteries were dead.  Now I started to feel a little weird but there is always an explanation for everything.  I had to actually use the switch on the candles to turn them off.  The next morning I asked Joe if he had came out and turned on the candles and he said no.  I told him what happened and to this day we have no explanation.🤨