Jul. 11, 2015

My Heart is Broken

Today I lost my Beautiful Mare.   It goes pretty high on one of my most tragic day’s lists.  I’m devastated, numb and in a fog.  She was kicked in the leg and it was hard enough to break it.  Writing is therapy for me so that is why I am blogging now.  Lake was a special horse and changed my life forever.  She was a huge part of our everyday lives.  My husband broke down today when we got home from the farm.  It was hard to see.  I’m not angry at the horse that kicked her.  This can happen in pasture life.  I don’t regret having her out there.  The mares were her friends and she would have been miserable without them.  I did my best to provide her the best life I could.  She is irreplaceable.  Today I am devastated. 

I know it may seem weird for me to mention another horse at this point but I know Lake would want me to adopt another rescue just like her.  I have learned way too much from my experience with her to let it go to waste.  I can’t walk away even knowing the pain that can be associated with having a horse as a family member.  The magic that comes with having a horse out weighs the pain. Joe and I talked about it and we know this is something I need to do.  I will be in contact with Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue soon.  This is how I will honor my girl and all that she has done for me.  I am going to continue my riding lessons.

For those of you who have been following my blog, I am going to keep it going.  When I do adopt another, it will be the continuation of her story.  It will also be the start of a new story.  This horse will have a story to tell.