Jul. 4, 2015

Trying New Things

Lake tried out the Hackamore this week and seems to like it.  She is pictured here in it.  I rode with it at my lesson and she was relaxed enough in it that Chloe said her bottom lip was totally jiggling when we trotted.  Until we become proficient in it I will use a bit when we are out on the trail.  I learned that I need to use less pressure when using a Hackamore which I would have thought opposite since a bit is not used. Lake is such a sensitive horse that less really is more with her.  If she continues to do well I will probably use a Hackamore on her most of the time.

I heard the term ‘Horse Poor’ today.  I’m really starting to understand it!  This week’s purchases (a weekly activity) were 2 more saddle pads for her English saddle, a correction ½ pad to help fit her saddle better,  a purple saddle cover for my English saddle, a burgundy cover for my Western saddle (didn’t offer purple) and 2 shirts for riding.  As soon as Chloe sends me the link I will purchase a Hackamore. 

I was really excited to go for a nice 4th of July ride today but when I pulled my lovely mare from the pasture I discovered a nasty looking wound from a kick in front of her left hind leg.  Terry said she got into a good fight.  He said he has seen her get into it in the pasture and she is not one to back down. My girl can hold her own she just needs to move a little bit faster out of the way of hooves and teeth. 😉  I learned more wound care today.  Lake is probably starting to wonder if she is a training horse for Vet school.  She definitely lifted her back leg in protest when I sprayed her with Alushield.  I can imagine it burned.  Lake doesn’t kick out violently though, just enough to let you know she is uncomfortable.  Terry said I could have ridden her today but I wanted to give her time to heal.  It was getting warm and I didn’t want to risk sweat running down into it.  Ouch!  I just loved on her today.❤

There was a gorgeous horse named Blackjack N Beers that was adopted around the same time as Lake and was with Lake at the rescue.  I just found out the he is very close to us and have been in contact with her owner.  She is going to bring him down soon so they can have a reunion and go for a trail ride.  I think she will LOVE that!  It will be interesting to see how they greet each other.  I will definitely post that on my Blog!