Jun. 28, 2015

Shoo Fly!

I hate flies!  This heat has brought them out in abundance.😠  Here’s my sweet mare in her Fly wear.  She seems to like her fly mask.  When I go out to the pasture in the morning to put it on her she will stay even while Millie is coming, to allow me to put it on.  I like to give her a break from the hoards of flies around her eyes.  I take it back off in the evening.  She needs a break from the fly mask.  I’ve also heard that it is harder for horses to see at night if they have a fly mask on and that some have killed themselves when they ran into a tree.  The trees are on the outside of the fence of Lake’s pasture but I still take it off.  Lake’s accident prone!  I put fly spray on here legs and ears.  I’ll be so happy when fly season is over!  Her fly sheet has held up wonderfully and it appears that Millie has not attempted to remove it as she is famous for doing so I just ordered a lighter weight one.  It is only going to get warmer and I am nearing the limit before it will just make Lake miserable from sweating.  I just ordered a lighter weight one.  I should have it by next week.  It is for the hotter temperatures and also has UV protection.  I just realized I probably should have gotten a lighter weight fly mask too.  I’ll be on State line’s website after this.

This week was only English riding.  Our lesson was a little challenging.  Lake just didn’t want to go any faster than a walk and she was chomping on her bit.  She may be sensitive to her bit so Chloe is going to try her with a hackamore (bit less bridle) next week.  The heat is an issue too.  Lake is going to get her 1st pair of shoes at her next Farrier appointment.  She most likely has not had shoes since she raced and she was probably not ridden until she started re-training last year and that was light work.  She is starting to work harder now and is ridden more so it looks like it is time to put front shoes on. We may be able to keep them off of the back.

I found out a few tidbits of information on Lake this week.  I swear you can find out more information on a Horse than a Person!  I learned that the place that Lake was a broodmare and had her baby is directly across the street from Kingsway Farm where she is now.  She would have been able to see directly to her pasture she is in now from where she would have been.  Chloe said that may be why it was so easy for her to adjust when she came.  It was already familiar to her!  I’m sure she remembers it and now it makes sense why she seems a little different when we ride next to it.  She calls out a lot too when we are near the fence line.  I wonder who she calling out to?  I also found that Lake’s 1st sale price was $22K.  Her last ‘legitimate’ auction sale price was $900. She went to auction 3 times in her 1st 4 years of life.  Obviously things took a spiral downwards from there.  I am assuming she went to a low end auction and was luckily rescued from going to a kill buyer by her 1st rescue. I don’t understand how someone can meet this horse and not want to keep her forever.  She is such a kind and willing horse, as long as you don’t try to touch her food! Lake is Priceless and will never be sold again!💋  I also just discovered on FB an older post from the person who has Black Jack N Beers.  He was an adopted rescue that was with Lake at SCTR.  Turns out she is close and hopefully we can set up a reunion for the 2 ex roommates.  I have learned that Lake really like’s the geldings so I’m sure she would love to have a reunion!

Usually on the weekends I like to just trail ride but I really need to work on keeping my hands low and balancing while standing in the saddle at the walk and trot.  My thighs burn while I do this but this is essential I learn this to be able to move on to other things.  Right now I just look like someone holding on for dear life.🤪   I swear I am going to pull her mane out holding on!  This will be tomorrow’s arena work. Whinnies to All!