Jun. 21, 2015

Lake's New Outfit

1st of all, Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome Dads out there!  Without you many of us would not be here.😉

Well, I bought Lake’s English Tack this week.  Here she is in her new outfit before training with Chloe. To me, she looks stunning!  I’m really enjoying my training in this new discipline. I still ride Western when I trail ride on the weekends, especially when I exercise her on the hills.  I found out last weekend that Lake has a little anxiety when we meet up with new horses and we are alone.  She gets a little jumpy and it is easier for me to handle her right now when I feel more secure.  If I was nervous she would feel it so trail riding in an English saddle when we are alone will be down the road.  Her saddle needs a little build up in the pad under the front of her saddle because she is still putting on fat and filling out on her back.  There is a gap behind her withers but this should go away as she gains weight.  Terry at Kingsway estimated she has gained about 80lbs since her arrival.  I compared pictures of her when I 1st met her to the other day and there is less of a dip from her withers to her butt.  Also the thickness of her neck is moving to the top as she is doing dressage.  As a race horse her muscles were thicker under because she would use those muscles when stretching out her neck to run at top speeds.  The muscles at the top are building up because she is dropping her poll (top of her head) and bending her neck as we walk and trot in circles in the arena.  This is really hard for a horse to learn to do. When I become more proficient at this I will work on it at the canter.  Being able to ride your horse in the proper ‘frame’ is also important for the health of the horse.  I learned that training and riding lessons are really the best investment you can make when you have a horse.  On a side note, Chloe has been jumping her and she said Lake really seems to like it.  She gets a little spring in her step when she gets around the jumping area in the arena.  She really looks elegant when she jumps.  Chloe said she is a really quick learner.  She is able to correct her mistakes the 2nd time through. I can’t wait until Chloe shows her!  I’m so proud of that horse!💋

I did learn another lesson at the expense of my poor Lake.😥  Last Sunday I decided to go for an evening ride and unfortunately she still had a pretty full belly from dinner and I rode her too hard in the heat.  She coliced.  Fortunately it was just bad gas and she was good after a shot of Banamine.  That stuff is a miracle drug for cramping! It works almost instantly!  I knew the signs from before so I was able to get her help ASAP. The last time was due to an impaction.  It was much more severe.  We lucked out this time. So until the Fall, most of our riding will be done in the early morning or later evenings when it is cool.  Hard work will only be in the early morning.  Lake will definitely appreciate that!