Jun. 14, 2015

The New Digs

Here’s my new digs!  This is prime real estate in my tack room.  Chloe moved to a different tack room the other day and this was her spot.  Right by the door with no saddle racks or shelves above the tack trunk.  That is what is behind me as I was taking the picture.  My saddle is for effect as it is usually hanging on a rack behind me.  I will be adding my English Bridle, riding crop, dressage whip and purple lunge line which are coming on Monday.  I should have my English saddle and Martingale within the next few months.  Then my equipment will be complete! (at least for a few months) I will also have everything I need for someone to come riding with me!  Just missing a horse….small detail.  Anyway, I swooped right in like a vulture when I found out it was available.🤪   I was even able to put Lake’s racing picture up.  That day I felt like the Jefferson’s! 

This week I also came closest yet to an ‘unplanned dismount’.  I still managed to keep my horse between the ground and myself.  We were working on straightening out Lake’s canter.  She drifts to the right.  I worked in my western saddle for this since I had hardly cantered in an English saddle. In the arena are dressage rails.  They are long white rails that run a good length but are not far off the ground.  Lake can easily jump it.  We practice a lot of our exercises between these 2 rails.  On this day we were cantering down the length of 1 rail and at the end started to do a ½ circle to go back the other way.  I failed to turn her soon enough and was heading directly towards the rail.  I should have just jumped her over it but decided to try to turn her and that was my mistake.  She got off balance to the right and I kept going forward over her left shoulder.  I’m not sure if I grabbed her mane to pull myself back but I somehow stayed on and ended up with my saddle horn stuck in my bra.  Good luck envisioning that!  That was a 4 bruise incident.  When things go awry like this, it is usually my fault.  When Lake has issues it is just because it is one of her lazy days and she can be a very stubborn horse!  She likes to go from a trot to a dead stop without me asking her to.  I know she is thinking, ‘if I can just get rid of her, I can make it the few yards to the pasture to eat with my friends!’ Hope she doesn’t do that when we are cantering!  I don’t think that will result in a near miss.🙃