Jun. 7, 2015

A few things to talk about....a busy week!

This week was my 1st official week training with Lake in an English saddle.  Such a difference from Western! We even cantered!  The picture is of Chloe jumping her and this is what Lake and I will eventually be learning to do as it is part of Eventing.It will probably be awhile before I have a pic of me jumping her.😀   I also need to know how to ride English to go Fox hunting which we will probably try down the rode.  It looks like a lot of fun but also looks a little scary.  Those horses really get moving!  Our 1st lesson on Tuesday was a little interesting.  Lake doesn’t have a lot of days where she just doesn’t want to do anything but this was one of them.  It really makes it challenging to work on posting when you can barely get your horse out of a walk.   It was windy and she knew her friends in the pasture had just been fed dinner so keeping her focused was a little difficult.  Watching her move at a snails pace, you never would have known she was a race horse.😋  We still had a good lesson though.  I learn a lot even on the not so good days. I was able to work on my jumping stance too so all was not lost.  Now there is something that makes me laugh as I am doing it.  The best way I can describe it is crouching above my saddle (butt not touching it), leaning forward a bit and holding onto a piece of her mane for balance all while she is walking or trotting. I have A LOT of work to do in this area. It’s hilarious to watch now!  I also just ordered my 1st pair of tall field boots.  If I’m going to do this, I’m going all in! At least I’ll look the part.😉  I’m going to be trying out different types of saddles as this is going to be my next big purchase.  I have found horse ownership has a vicious cycle.  The more time I spend with my horse makes me want to spend even more time with her.  I wish I didn’t have to work BUT because I have a horse I have to work. (I play power ball religiously👍)  I’ve looked into jobs close to me working with horses but do not  have enough experience to even get hired mucking out stalls.😠   I can’t volunteer to get the experience because I don’t have the time because I have to work because I have a horse.  Just checked my power ball ticket and I didn’t win this week either.  Like I said, it’s a vicious cycle.  While working on this post Joe just came across a show on how English saddles are made so I watched that.  Now I understand why they can run up to $5K.  Used will be fine for me now 

I’ve mentioned in the past that I had not taken Lake out of the arena to canter her because I was not sure how she was going to react, especially if we were going with another horse.  Would her racing side kick in?  Would I find myself flying down the roads of Temecula without meaning to? This week I decided I needed to just do it so I took her out on the gallop track and let her go.  Wow!  I can’t believe I didn’t do that sooner.  It was so exhilarating!  This was done in my western saddle.  I thought that would be best since I still feel more secure in that.  Today Joe is going to video it so I can check my form.  I’m still working on keeping my hands low.  They keep creeping up!  When I am riding without my trainer I try to focus on 1 thing we worked on during the week.  Hands are an issue.  I also follow a blog called CRK Training because many times she ‘Callie’ covers things my trainer has or vice versa so I have double reinforcement.  Since I have decided to go down this ‘show’ road with Lake, I will probably always have a trainer.  My trainer has a trainer and Chloe is an amazing rider! 

Finally, I had recently done a post after the Kentucky Derby on Lake’s possible tie to a Triple Crown winner.  Well, its official, Lake’s ‘claim to fame’ in the world of horse racing is that she was ridden by Victor Espinoza her very 1st  race at Hollywood Park.  He just became the 1st  Triple Crown winner in 37 years riding American Pharoah.  Her race was June 4th, 2006 and that was one of his most successful years.  He didn’t win on her though.  Maybe she was having one of her days.🙃