Jun. 1, 2015


When Lake moved to Kingsway Farm she found lots of friends in her pasture; Flirtini, Millie, Magic and Corona just to name a few.  They all have their place in the herd and they all have distinct personalities.  Millie (Miller Lite) is 2nd in line.  She is 3 years old and still very young and very big.  She is part draft horse.  Millie looks like Lake just bigger.  She is the herd’s busy body and has to know everything going on at all times and wants to be a part of the action.  Actually she likes to be the center of the action and will strategically move the other horses around her with her hooves and teeth. This makes it difficult to get Lake because as soon as Millie gets close the ears are down, hooves fly and Lake leaves.  The only horse Millie won’t mess with is Flirtini who is the head mare.  Believe me, I am not the only horse owner with this issue.  It’s important to work quickly when getting your horse.  Millie is the source of most of Lake’s kicks and bites.  She is also a gentle giant.  She really is a very sweet horse!  I’ve had her follow me around the pasture with her muzzle on my shoulder and silently come up behind me and wrap her head and neck around me like a scarf.  She has even tried to protect Lake from me when I had to give her the awful Bute paste Lake HATES! The reason why she is my topic today is because she will be leaving Kingsway soon.  She was purchased by some people from Nevada and will be moving to Las Vegas.  As frustrating as she can be, I will miss her dearly.😥  I know Joe will too.  He spends a lot of time with her on the weekends while I am riding.  I hope she does well and has a wonderful life!  I wonder if she will miss her pasture mates and how long it will take for her to adjust to her new home.  It will be interesting to see how the dynamics in the pasture change.  Goodbye Millie.  You will be missed.  You have brought smiles to our faces with your antics and have been the topic of funny stories in our household.  Because of you, I have become a lot more confident in caring for my horse!  Each new injury brings a new course of treatment.  I have watched you and Lake share many tender moments as well.  Lake will definitely miss you too!