May. 25, 2015

The Carrot Man

I would never have Lake today if it were not for the support of my Amazing husband Joe.  I know for sure we never planned on a horse in our near future.  This was something we saw as a possibility when we retired.  After the race at Del Mar which changed our plans, he would listen to me talk endlessly about the fate of the horses and about the horses available at Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue.  I spent every night on the internet researching the cost of owning a horse.  I research the care required.  When I was finally comfortable with the fact that I could actually do this, I asked my husband if he would be mad if I tried to adopt a horse.  His reply was exactly as I had expected.  He said of course not, this was a dream I always had.  That started the ball rolling. Now Joe has become the ‘Carrot’ man at the farm.  Almost every weekend he comes out with me and hangs out with the horses in Lake’s pasture and the surrounding pastures.  He has a purple bucket filled with carrots and they know he is coming from miles away!  He said it is hard to explain how he feels when he is with the horses.  I truly feel it is magical!😀   Joe has gotten to know the names and personalities of many of the horses.  He is really bonding with Lake too.  He is way more involved than I expected him to be.  The picture is of Millie and Flirtini who are the dominant mares in the pasture.  You can see Lake peeking from behind. 😉