May. 18, 2015

Lake's tie to the Triple Crown

Yesterday was my 1st day riding Lake for a week and we just had a short walk for exercise.  Last Monday she got kicked in her Gaskin (the large part of her leg and is the equivalent to a Human calf) and it got down to the muscle.  It is still swollen and warm to the touch so I give her SMZ(antibiotics) and Bute(anti-inflammatory) twice a day.  She gets it with grain as she hates the taste and would just spit it out if I tried to give it to her as pills.  I also spray the wound with Alu-Shield which is like a silver bandage.  I had planned on doing a blog post on our progress with English style riding and her boo boo has changed that.  I thought I would just share an interesting fact.  If anyone is following the Triple Crown you know that Victor Espinoza was the jockey on the horse American Pharaoh.  He has won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness and if he wins the Belmont stakes next month American Pharaoh will be the 1st Triple Crown winner since 1978.  This would also mean that Victor Espinoza is the 1st jockey to win the Triple Crown since then.  If you haven’t read the 1st 2 posts that started this blog, I had talked about the fact that Lake was a rescued retired race horse and that she had won a race at Santa Anita race track in 2007.  That jockey was Jorge Perez.  Lake’s very 1st race at Santa Anita was in 2006.  While she did not place in this race her jockey was, yes, you knew where this was going……Victor Espinoza.  We will know in June if Lake’s claim to fame in the ‘horse racing world’ is that she was once ridden by a Triple Crown jockey. I included a pic of Victor on American Pharaoh and this was the only way I can do it because of copyrights.