May. 12, 2015

Lake's next career?

When I adopted Lake, my only plan for her was to spend our riding years riding throughout wine country in Temecula.  Trail riding was all I knew.  I also rode Western and didn’t see myself ever changing to English.  Then I met my trainer Chloe.  There is a pic of Chloe jumping her horse CSI above the post about her.  For this post I am also showing a pic of Chloe jumping only this time she is on Lake.🤪  Chloe competes in Horse Shows, some of them out of state.  I knew nothing about Horse Shows (also known as Horse Trials).  There are other boarders who also compete so I would hear them all talking about it.  Now I was learning about terms new to me such as Eventing, Dressage, Cross Country, Arena jumping, Key Holes, etc…..I also watched my trainer in a few shows at Galway Downs right across the street.  It really seems like a lot of fun!  Lake is currently learning the beginning stages of dressage.  I guess that means I am too since we are learning together.  As a race horse her neck would be extended.  We are working to change her frame.  In dressage her head would be dropped and her neck more rounded.  Dressage is basically the horse and rider performing movements around an arena and it should look like it is effortless for both.  Cross Country is galloping through a course while executing jumps throughout over a long course.  Chloe tried jumping Lake a few times last month and she seemed to really take to it!  Lake also jumped the two of us right into the middle of a pond and really seemed to take to that too!J This has all lead to me thinking about showing Lake.  I asked Chloe if she would be interested in showing her and she said she would.  Eventually I would do it.  In the basic, beginner levels of course.😉  This is a new adventure for us that I had never expected.  I will be starting lessons in an English saddle sometime in the next few weeks.  I look forward to this new path!  More tack to buy…(sigh)