May. 4, 2015

The Dreaded Colic

On April 8th I ended my blog I had posted that day hoping I would never have to use the Major Medical insurance I got for Lake in case she Colic’s.  On April 9th Lake Coliced. 😥 Colic is the most common medical emergency a horse owner may have.  It is defined as abdominal pain.  It can be caused by something as simple as gas which can pass in a few hours to a twisted bowel which will require emergency surgery and that can run between $8,000 to $15,000.  A colicky horse left untreated will most likely die within 48 hours if it is anything more than gas.  This is from severe dehydration.  It almost always requires an examination ASAP by a Vet.  Lake had an impaction in her large Colon. This is a common cause of Colic. I received the phone call I never wanted around 5:30pm that evening from Terry, the owner of Kingsway.  A trainer had noticed Lake in the pasture exhibiting the symptoms of Colic. Terry called my Vet and Dr. Huth came right away.  She had all the symptoms.  Lake was sweating, rolling on the ground, kicking and biting at her abdomen, stretching her legs out behind her and showing signs of anxiety.  This was very hard to watch.  I felt helpless.  Dr. Huth gave her mineral oil, which is administered through the nasal passage, to break up the impaction, and Banamine for the cramping and Torbugesic for the pain.  I stayed with her for awhile and then went home to get something to eat.  I went back around 9:30pm and she wasn’t doing any better.  Dr. Witzel (Dr. Huth’s partner) came out and cleaned her out a little and gave her some more Banamine.  If she hadn’t started showing improvement within a few hours we would have had to transport her to the hospital for I.V. fluids and possible surgery. Around 11:30 pm she was feeling better and really wanting to get back to her friends in the pasture.  An excellent sign!  I put her back out in the pasture close to midnight and she galloped off into the dark.  We dodged a bullet that evening!  Joe checked her early in the morning on his way to work and she seemed to be back to herself!🙂  The next week she somehow cut her leg so I have also become somewhat proficient at treating wounds and wrapping legs!  I may not be that great at riding yet but I am getting a lot of hands on Horse Care 101!! This Colic incident reinforced for me that I really do have a village looking out for my horse!  Lake was colicky and discovered by a trainer, she called Terry who called my Vet and my trainer right away.  My trainer called me to see if I needed anything.  Terry then helped me with her that evening when we needed the Vet to come back out (this after he had been at a function down in San Diego all evening) and he checked on her throughout the night.  Word had spread by the next day so I had many concerned horse owners asking about her.  I really am blessed to have her where I do!🤩  The adventure continues……..