Apr. 28, 2015

A Typical Week

Lake’s journey now brings me to March.  It was around this time that I really started to settled in and embrace being a horse owner.  My confidence level had grown and continues to grow as will be covered in very future blogs. (The month of April is filled with activity!  Some good, some not so good)  Many ask what I do with Lake or how she spends her time so I thought I would dedicate a post to that.

Lake spends all of her time in a pasture.  There are anywhere from 8-10 mares in her pasture and she is happiest when grazing, playing and just hanging with the girls.  Some horses at the farm have stalls or pens and have turn out time but that would make her miserable.  Granted, pasture life brings cuts, bumps and bites but this is typical in a herd and Lake wouldn’t have it any other way!  She makes sure her friends know where she is at when away. We will be riding completely on the other side of the farm and Lake will let out a loud whinny and always gets a reply from a few of the mares as well as a few geldings.  She also likes to announce when she has arrived at the barn from the pasture.😀  We train with Chloe 2 days a week.  Most of it is training in the arena but sometimes we will go out on the trails or out into the hills to work on her strength and endurance.  She is really filling out nicely!  As far being under saddle she is still considered green but making great progress!  I ride her 1 day with Chloe’s instruction and Chloe rides her the other day.  Most of the time I am able to watch and Chloe explains a lot of what she is doing and what Lake is doing right or wrong.  On the weekend I ride 1 day and practice what I did the previous week for half of the time and the rest of the time is spent on the trails or hills.  We have encountered a snake.🤔  We do have rattlers out there but luckily this was a Rosy Boa.  It was a little tense as they move sooooo fast and this snake came directly at us.  Lake did fabulous and didn’t even react.  I usually go to see her 1 or 2 additional days just to groom her or visit with her in the pasture.  If I do a detailed grooming, that can take 2 hours.  She will get a bath and I will do extra work on her mane and tail.  Occasionally I trim her facial hairs (she gets a little beard) and her bridle path. Grooming is an excellent way to look over your horse thoroughly for any injuries or oddities.  I have found that it doesn’t matter what I am doing with Lake I just LOVE being with her!  I really believe Horses are Chicken Soup for the Soul!💋 (the pic above is the 1st bath I gave her or any horse for that matter!)