Apr. 22, 2015

Lake's 1st group trail ride

Mary and I have been friends for about 32 years.  She is one of my closest friends. She had horses growing up.  I loved riding at her house!  Sometimes we would hook up the buggy or the sleigh.  There were actually times when we hooked up each other to the buggy but that would be a different blog.😀  The summer before our 8th grade year we were ranch hands at a camp for a week so I got to help with the horses and go out on trail rides the whole week.  I was in heaven!  Not to mention the fact that we had free range in the camp kitchen after hours and we did take advantage.👍 In February Mary came to meet Lake and it just happened that my trainer had a horse that Mary could ride.  Instead of my normal lesson of Arena work that day we went on a trail ride.  It was so special.  This was Lake’s 1st trail ride with more than 1 horse.  She seemed to really enjoy herself!  I know Lake is more relaxed when she is with a group or at least another horse instead of just us. I loved that I got to enjoy this special moment with Mary.  The one hard thing is not having another horse to take friends out when they come to visit. 😥  Maybe one day Mary will come to visit and she can choose from one of my horses!🤪