Apr. 14, 2015

Lake's Baby

In between Lake’s racing career and finally being sent to auction to go to slaughter, Lake had a baby.  The rescue knew she had a baby but didn’t know what had happen to it.  I spent a lot of time on the internet researching Lake’s history and somehow came across Quarterinthestorm.  She was born in March 2008 when Lake was 4 years old.  I was actually able to get in contact with her owner Eva Cordero and learned that Quarter was a bleeder so Eva ended her racing career and gave her to a loving family.  When I let Caroline know at SCTR that I had found her baby she was very happy as she would be able to tell someone who helped with Lake’s rescue that her baby was alive and well!Thumbs up  She had feared the worse since Lake had been sent to auction. She figured the same fate for her foal.Sad Quarterinthestorm was a lucky race horse.  She had a caring owner.Smile  While trying to find Eva, I had come across a Face book page with the same name and there was a picture of a race horse.  I knew I had to be close.  Little did I know that the horse I was looking at was Lake’s baby!