Apr. 8, 2015

Happy New Years and OUCH!!

I was so excited New Years Day!  I was going to start my 1st day of the year going on a lovely ride with Lake.  It wasn’t until later that I found out it probably wasn’t as exciting for her.😥  I got her out of the pasture and noticed a cut and a bump above her left eye.  I figured it was the result of a little rough housing among the mares and was going to keep an eye on it.  Most likely she was kicked.  Well, after a week or so Chloe thought it might be a good idea for Dr. Huth (my fabulous equine vet!) to look at it.  1st diagnosis was a possible abscess.  No x-rays were done at the time but she was put on an anti-inflammatory (Bute paste) and anti-biotics.  Lake hated the Bute paste!  She is not really a fan of apples and this was apple flavored.  Towards the end of prescription it was very hard to catch her in the pasture.  Her last dose proved how much she actually did not want it as the other mares in the pasture actually circled around her making it impossible for me to get to her when they saw her trying to avoid me.  Then, other mares came around to see what the fuss was about, hooves started flying and I quickly exited!  The swelling did not decrease after 2 weeks so she had an x-ray.  Turns out she had a skull fracture.  Guilt came over me as I learned that on New Year’s Day she probably had a pretty bad headache.  I don’t think our ride was very enjoyable for her.  Good news is that all of the swelling was directed out and nothing was pressing on her eye.  Her follow up x-ray confirmed that she had made a full recovery. Yayyyy!  It did require me to contact my equine insurance company but thankfully no surgery was required and I did not have to put it to use.  Yes, I have insurance on her.  Colic surgery can run around $10K so I never want to be in the position to decide if I can afford it as it would be a decision that needed to be made immediately.  That ‘bump’ ended up costing about $500 which really isn’t bad considering it was a fracture.  The adventures of horse ownership continue…..(the pic is of Lake on sedation for her xray, poor Horsey😥)