Apr. 3, 2015

Lake's 1st Visitor

Lake loves to have visitors!  She knows that along with visitors comes treats.😀  December 28th was the day she had her 1st visitor.  My dear friend Miriam, whom I have been friends with since our Junior year of high school, came with her baby Maggie to meet Lake.  Lake’s adoption was finalized on October 22nd which just happens to be Miriam’s B-day so it seemed fitting!  Miriam was one of my 1st friends when I moved here at the end of my Sophomore year from Minnesota.  I swear it seems like yesterday.  We met the 1st day of school in Mrs. Salwaser’s English class.  We had to interview the person sitting next to us and then introduce them to the class.  Miriam was sitting in front of me so we were teamed up.  She has been one of my closest friends ever since and years down the road she would become close friends with one of my other closest friends, Mary, from Minnesota. (she will be a future post🙂). I’m hoping to someday have access to another horse so that we can go trail riding when friends come out to the farm.  It is probably not that exciting to watch me groom her so I do want to make it a little more entertaining!  I welcome anyone who wants to meet her.  It is very beautiful and relaxing at Kingsway Farm and I find it therapeutic just being out there.  For any wine drinkers, there are trails that go to the wineries from Kingsway, I just haven’t found them yet and I am short a horse so that will have to be for later visits OR you can BYOH (bring your own horse)!🤪