Mar. 29, 2015

Our 1st Ride Alone

December 14th was a big day for us!  This was our 1st ride alone.  I was excited and nervous.  I was going to spend ½ the time practicing what we had done with Chloe and ½ the time riding off the farm for a little ways.  It was such a magical experience!  I have to admit though; it was a little challenging at 1st.  Lake still wasn’t (and is still working on, almost there!) standing still when getting her bridle on.  She prefers to use this moment to try to make it back to the pasture for whatever meal I have stolen her from.  This made tacking her up time consuming.  It’s hard to put a bridle on and try to keep a 1200 lb horse from walking away at the same time when you are doing it by yourself for the 1st time. I am happy to report things go much more smoothly today.😉  My 2nd challenge was that Lake (again, much better!) didn’t stand still while trying to get on her.  She was always on the move as a racehorse when being mounted so she was just doing what she was trained to do.  This could take several tries from the block.  Once we were on our way I got to do what I thought would only be a dream of mine.  I got to go for a ride on my horse!  The best part was that I didn’t have to give her back to anyone after our ride.  We spent some time trotting in the arena.  We then rode around a grassy field, walked around the farm and ended doing a little trail riding off of the farm.  This was not only my 1st time riding Lake alone; this was my 1st time riding a horse alone ever.  I had always ridden with others on rental horses or ridden with Mary.  I hadn’t even thought about that until we were out riding and I realized there were not any other horses around.  It made me smile.🙂 And a little nervous.🤔  We had a successful ride!  At the time, I considered making it back still in the saddle successful!👍