Mar. 24, 2015

Saving Baby

My daughter Tyler is a Bookaholic.  Because of this we spend a lot of time at Barnes & Nobel.  In December I was wandering around the book store waiting for Tyler when a book caught my eye. ‘Saving Baby…How One Woman’s Love For A Racehorse Led To Her Redemption’.  It was the silhouette of a horse and a woman against a sunset that I noticed first.  Anything that had a horse on it caught my eye.😉   For some reason I really felt I needed to buy this book.  I barely scanned it.  With no idea what it was about I purchased it.  What I learned from reading it was priceless.  I believe that anyone who is the owner of an Off Track Thoroughbred (OTTB), especially a 1st time owner such as me, should be required to read it.  The Author, Jo Anne Normile, details the life of a racehorse.  She was herself an owner of racehorses.  Baby was her life.  Before reading the book I assumed that Baby was her racehorse and when she found out what happens to many racehorses after retirement or injury she pulled him from racing and he lived happily ever after.  Sadly, that was not the case.  😥Baby broke his leg during one of his races and had to be euthanized.  My heart was broken.  She became an advocate for the safety of the racehorses on the track as well as the founder of Saving Baby Equine Charity, a rescue like SCTR for retired or injured racehorses on their way to slaughter.  Until I adopted Lake, I was totally unaware.  My LovelyLake was part of that slaughter pipeline.  That is why it was so hard when I came to the chapter describing the slaughter houses and the process.  I had knots in my stomach.  To this day I cannot bring myself to watch the videos some organizations have out of the actual slaughter.  I have had the privilege of communicating with Jo Anne through Facebook and she is a lovely person!  Her book really helped me understand where Lake came from and what her life had been like.  It helps when trying to understand some of the things she does today.  It also helps to understand how to proceed with her training.  I give this beautiful book a Thumbs Up and recommend any animal lover read it.  I loved it!