Mar. 20, 2015

Pasture Life

When Lake was a race horse she most likely spent 23 hours of her day in a stall.  She could probably see other horses but never interacted.  Grazing would not have been part of her daily routine. Today she is in a pasture all day everyday with 9-10 Mares.  She can graze 24/7.  On top of that she gets hay 3 times a day.  Add to that the carrots and peppermints she gets 3-4 times a week and I would say that Horse is well fed!  Horses are meant to be herd animals.  Lake has adjusted very nicely to herd life.🙂  So much so she loves to call out to her friends when we are working in the arena close to her pasture!  I imagine she is saying ‘I’d rather be dining with you than having to work right now.  Hopefully I’ll be back shortly’!  The other day I saw her standing next to her pal Magic with her head resting on Magic’s back.  It would have made a stunning picture if I had had my phone.😠  At times I’ll see her just take off across the pasture full speed tossing her head and kicking her feet like a baby horse.  These moments are so precious to me.  I love to go to the farm just to watch her and the herd in the pasture.  It is Therapy for me after a stressful day at work! I highly recommend it to anyone.  Clears the mind.🤩  The owner of my company sent me a book called ‘The Soul of a Horse, Life Lessons from the Herd’ by Joe Camp a week after I brought Lake to Kingsway.  Beautiful Book!  This is where I got the idea to observe a herd from a distance.  It explained how there is a pecking order and every horse knows their place.  It talked about how when horses in a herd lay down to get REM sleep, there is always a horse or two awake to keep watch for predators. It also talked about herds with Stallions and their roles and the role of the Matriarch.  Lake just hangs with the girls.  Another favorite activity of hers in the pasture besides grazing is to roll in the biggest, dirtiest pile of dirt or mud she can find.  She especially does this right after she has been hosed down or taken a bath.  She favors her left side so she looks like a before and after picture half the time.  One side super clean and the other caked on dirt!  Pasture life does come with its hard knocks though.  Lake always has some new bite or wound from a kick.  I’ve also seen her kick out in annoyance.  That is life in a herd!  I wouldn’t have it any other way for her.  This is why I know that if Joe and I get our own horse property someday, that will mean another horse or two…..or maybe three.👍