Mar. 16, 2015

Our Trainer

Chloe Smyth is our trainer.  She came very highly recommended and there is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t hear good things about her.  She is well known around the farm!  She rides all disciplines.  Chloe even trained for 5 months in Ireland when she was in high school.  I was lucky to get her for a trainer as her days are booked including the weekends.  Her list of horses to work with on a daily basis is quite long. She is also in charge of the hounds for fox hunting which there are about 35 of those.  When she is not training horses and riders, she also has a trainer and competes at horse shows. She not only shows her own horses but other’s as well.  I don’t think she has a day off. 👎You can tell she loves what she does!  I only have time and money to train twice a week for an hour but I learn soooooo much in those 2 hours/week of training.  Everything I learn is part of my training including things like clipping her bridle path, cleaning her tack, and bathing as well as riding lessons and ground manners.  I’m not the most graceful rider so that is a work in progress!🙃   I want to ride like Chloe when I grow up!  She rides beautifully and makes Lake look so graceful. Someday…..maybe I’ll even show Lake.🤪

Lake is also in training.  She is learning to NOT go like a race horse!  She is green broke meaning she can have a rider she just needs to learn to be ridden by someone other than a jockey.  Being ridden like a race horse is completely different from being ridden as a trail or show horse.  Lake started her training with Glenda before I adopted her.  She has been training for Western and English.  Since being with me it has kind of been a mix of Western/ English but I am in a Western Saddle.  If I decide to try fox hunting or showing I will need to switch to an English saddle. MoRe $$$$$$$😥  Oh well.  As far as training goes, I spend $180 every 6 weeks and it is worth every penny!!!  I don’t mind sharing how much I spend on Lake because if someone reads this and considers owning a horse for the 1st time, it is very important they know all the expenses involved. There is no way I could do this with Lake without a skilled trainer such as Chloe who can train a green horse and a green rider at the same time!