Mar. 12, 2015

Settling In

The 1st few weeks were kind of a whirl wind.  Reality kicked in.  I have a HORSE!!  I am responsible for Lake.  All 1200lbs of her.  I was also feeling totally out of place.  I was given space in the community tack room.  I have a rack for my saddle and bridle.  I have a tack trunk which is already completely full.  I have buckets and totes for my grooming supplies and feeding treats. I have really nice tack room mates!  Is that what you call them?  My uneasiness quickly diminished as I found out that everyone at ‘The Farm’ as I call it, was very friendly and helpful!  I figured out where to tie Lake when I groomed her and where else to tie her if it was full of tied horses around my tack room.  I learned where to put her Ginormous (it is now a word) piles of crap which I soon learned she likes to leave 3 times while I am getting her ready to ride.  No wonder it takes sooooo long!🤨 I learned and am still learning which horses she ties up better around.  There have been a few situations.  I found out that my slip knot worked as Lake tried to get her body away from kicking hooves.  Don’t worry she didn’t get kicked.  She was able to swing around while still staying tied.👍 I found out where to hose her off after a sweaty ride and bath.  I met my awesome Vet Dr. Huth and my Farrier, Tom Joyce.  He use to be the Farrier to the Queen of England’s and Prince Charles’s polo ponies and the carriage horses for KensingtonPalace so I was comfortable with him.  I also met my trainer Chloe Smyth.  This was the beginning of what is going to be a long amazing road of training!  (next blog…..Chloe)