Mar. 9, 2015

Kingsway Farm

I like to call Kingsway Farm ‘Horse Paradise’!  I would love to be a horse there!  I knew within the 1st minute of meeting Terry and Linda Paine that Kingsway was the place I wanted Lake to be. 🙂 They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, I have a village at Kingsway to raise my horse.  As a 1st time horse owner (even more so as a 1st time owner of an Off Track Thoroughbred) I could not have a better situation.  The owners, Terry and Linda Paine are amazing!  Terry trained race horses and Linda was a top rider.  Both now rehab horses like Lake that need to find new careers after racing.  They know what my horse needs.  Through them I was put in touch with my Awesome trainer, Chloe Smyth!  She rides all disciplines.  She is even in charge of the hounds for the fox hunting club that Terry is president of.  My Vet is right around the corner, literally and my Farrier comes regularly so any issues that may come up can be handled immediately.  She is fed 3 times a day, the path to the training arena runs right along her pasture and other horses come and go on a daily basis from her pasture so she is seen/checked on all throughout the day.  I wouldn’t have that now if she were at home with me.  Kingsway is in Temecula Wine country so just riding around the area is very relaxing.  Lots of people ride their horses to the wineries.  It is very beautiful out there!  Makes going to work harder and harder. 🤔My poor husband has to listen to me whine on a daily basis.  I play powerball every week.🤪   I brought Lake here on December 6th, 2014.  This was going to be a huge change for her!  She was going to go from being in a stall for a good period of the day to being in a very large pasture with 9-10 other mares.  She was going to get to be a part of a herd.🤩   She was going to get to graze all day and lay down on the grass in the warm sun.👍  Talk about feeling like a fish out of water.  I all of a sudden felt like I knew nothing and a little panic surfaced.  My 1st task was to walk her around the farm her 1st few days there.  When we arrived that day, Terry took her off the trailer and handed her over to me for our 1st walk.  I’ll never forget that day. ❤