Mar. 7, 2015

Our Other Babies

I am totally going off subject this blog post to mention our ‘other babies’.  I didn’t want them to feel left out.  Lake has a sister, Jade and a brother, Troy.  Jade is a 6 ½ lb Yorkie who believes she is a Rottweiler. She is almost 3.  Troy is a 3 year old Conjure.  He believes he is an Eagle.  Both have HUGE personalities!  It’s a lot of fun watching the communication between the 2 of them.  They have their own language and games.  Troy has a vocabulary of about 20 words and short phrases.  He always says 'I Love You' before he goes to bed.Heart  They have been raised together.  Troy loves to feed Jadie except he will NOT share a Dorito!  That is Troy’s favorite treat from Joe.  This is a pic of Jadie trying desperately to get just a little taste!