Mar. 5, 2015

Time to Say Goodbye

Part of my approval of the adoption was to have Lake’s living arrangements finalized before it could be completed.  I had finally selected Kingsway Farm and choose December 6th as the big moving day!  My time with Glenda had gone fast and I had grown very comfortable there.  I was nervous to move Lake because her new home was a lot different and I would be getting a new trainer whom I had not met yet.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to do anything right.  I still learn something new almost every time I am there.  I was also very excited because she was only going to be 10 minutes away instead 1 ½ hours.  I could see her every day if I wanted to.  My last lesson would be to quickly learn how to tie a slip knot.  While at Glenda’s, Lake was always in cross-ties.  At her new home she would be tied to a thin rope next to my tack room.  I thought about this just before we started walking Lake out to the trailer to bring her home.  I asked Glenda to show me before I left.  I forgot and my new trainer had to show me again. 😥  I’m pretty speedy now!  Another thing we found out she does well is load into a trailer.  This is also very important! (To be continued…..her new home)