Mar. 3, 2015

Riding Lessons

I started my riding lessons before my adoption was finalized.  On my adoption application I said that I was an ‘advanced beginner’.  I had been riding since I was about 8.  I rode lots of rental horses and my dear friend Mary’s horses which you could practically ride with no bridle or saddle.  I thought advanced beginner was the best choice when filling it out.  After my 1st lesson I went home and told my husband I really didn’t know how to ride a horse at all!!  It was my 3rd lesson with Glenda and this was going to be my 1st riding lesson.  She brought out a lesson horse and had me ride around to evaluate my riding.  It was obvious there was a lot of work ahead!  It takes a long time to learn how to properly ride.  What is even more challenging is that Lake is learning how to be ridden as a trail horse and the cues are completely opposite of that as when she was ridden as a race horse. It is probably quite amusing to watch my lessons. Both of my trainers said they still take lessons from time to time. I thought it was best I was learning on a lesson horse since Lake was still in training too.  Much to my surprise my 2nd day of riding lessons was on Lake!  I was a little nervous but figured I had a helmet so I was up to anything. The lesson actually went ok and I have been riding her ever since.😀   Before I rode Lake for the 1st time I learned how to Lunge her.  This is used when training horses.  They walk, trot, canter etc…in a circle around a person holding a lunge line in the center of a circle.  This is used to teach a horse voice commands, build muscles, work on balance and in the case of Lake, get a little energy burnt off from being in a stall.  I don’t need to do that now because she is in a pasture all day and grazes.  I had about 6 more lessons before bringing her home.  I worked on sitting the trot and a little posting.  I also rode her around other horses our last few lessons.  This may not seem like a big deal but it was for Lake as she didn’t normally do this unless she was racing.  She did very well!  Something we still have not done yet is to canter her with another horse.  We are not sure how she will react.  She did have the reputation as a race horse to want to be in the lead from the start. 🤪