Feb. 24, 2015

Minnesota Viking Purple

I just discovered that if you do full screen on the slideshow you can see the captions explaining some of the pictures.  Just in case anyone was curious. 

 I call Lake’s Halter Minnesota Viking Purple.  I’m not sure what made me choose that as ‘her’ color.  Maybe it is because football season had started just as I had started the adoption process.  I bought my 1st ‘horsey’ stuff a week before I filled out the application.  It was a purple grooming kit.  I learned when I moved Lake to Kingsway Farm and I into a community tack room how impractical the flimsy tote was.  A box would have been much better!  So, imagine my surprise when my Secret Santa from work bought me a purple box with a cool brush covered with lots o bling!  She doesn’t know much about horses and had no idea what to get me so she guessed.  Awesome guess!  I bought the kit to use the same way someone who wants a Ferrari buys the model and keeps it on their desk as a reminder of their dream.  I thought someday I will use this kit!  Didn’t realize it would be so soon🙂  I’ve made some additions and taken some stuff out since then.  This purchase was the start of my whirlwind spending spree that still has not stopped.  Do you know how much stuff a horse needs?!?!  I did not.  In just a few months my ‘stuff’ list purchased included:  Purple Grooming kit, Purple Halter & Lead Rope, Purple feed bucket, Fly Mask, Purple Turnout Sheet, Purple Turnout Blanket (she will probably never use here in Southern California), 2 Bridals, 1 Noseband, 1 Saddle, 2 Saddle Pads (I couldn’t pass up the Purple Zebra print on Clearance), Stirrups, Purple Saddle Stand, 2 Pairs Riding boots, 1 Pair Muck boots, Riding Pants, Helmet (no purple), Riding Gloves, Shampoo, Fly Spray, Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner (both in spray and wipes), a Tack Trunk, Ointment for her Boo Boo’s, a Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook, cute little purple flower name tags for her bridals and noseband, Electric Clippers and every few weeks a 25lb bag of carrots.  Wow!  I think typing this gave me a little anxiety😲  1st lesson of Horse Ownership…..no matter how much you research ahead of time you are probably going to underestimate so I would just double what you originally thought.  These supplies are just the start….(to be continued)