Feb. 24, 2015

The Benjamin's

 Lake was rescued from an auction to go slaughter.  I do not know how much $$ was exchanged for her during her racing career but it could have been Thousands.  Her final price paid by the rescue to keep her from going to slaughter?  I’m guessing somewhere around $75-$150.  Amazing considering the amount of money she is connected to!  I don’t believe ANY horse should ever go to slaughter.  In my eyes the $100 horse is just as precious as the $100,000 horse.  I want to share her pedigree and a little about the horse she was eventually bred with to show how it just makes you shake your head at how she ended up on the slaughter pipeline.  I don’t know that I will ever have that answer.

My Horse is OnenintyeightLake (Lake now)

Raced 3 times, winning once with earnings $12,800

I was told by a former trainer that only 10% of Thoroughbreds will ever race like she did 

Lake’s Dad is Bagshot

He earned $730,000 in his career

Lake’s Mom is Pretty Keane (didn’t race) and her Dad is Deputy Minister earning $697,000

She also has Northern Dancer in her Pedigree and he earned $580,000 (during the 1960’s).  He almost won the Triple Crown coming in 3rd at the Belmont Stakes.  His stud fee was $1 million.

After Lake’s racing career she was bred with Stormy Jack to have Quarterinthestorm (she will be another story) 

Stormy Jack earned $597,000 during his Career

Stormy Jack’s Dad is Bertrando.  He earned $3.1 million during his career. Bertrando’s Dad, Skywalker, earned $2.2 million.

Mom is Gentle Hands. She earned $40,000 and her Dad Buffalo Lark earned $500,000

I didn’t even list all of the money makers she is connected to as I just wanted to show how ironic it is that even with the history she has, the Benjamin’s didn’t keep her from being tossed out like Trash:-(   I’m going to try to keep my blog in order as this experience has unfolded.  I really know nothing about blogging so I don’t even know if my last 2 entries are called blogs, posts, or entries.  This really is a work in progress.  Forgive me if I repeat myself.  So much has happened.  I was even in contact with the wife of one of Lake’s trainers who’s Dad (her husband’s Dad) was a hall of fame trainer.  She has her own organization to re-home race horses.  Again, this will be an entry itself but didn’t happen until this month so I won’t address this until later. (story to be continued and this will get more upbeat I promise!)