Feb. 22, 2015

The beginning

Without intentionally picking this date to start my Blog, it seems appropriate as it is the 8th anniversary of Lake's win at Santa Anita.  The horse races at Del Mar Race track on July 26th, 2014 was where it started. My husband, Joe, and I wanted to spend a nice relaxing day together and we love the races so off we went.  We always bet the long shots.  Lake was a long shot and if I had been at that race, I would have bet her.  It was not the relaxing day I had imagined.  2 horses had to be euthanized that day and we had bet one of them.  Lil Swiss Echo:-(  I was numb driving home.  I didn't even think about the cause and still did not until I came across a book called Saving Baby. That is going to be a post by itself in the very near future. (look it up in the meantime)  I was just sad that 2 horses died.  When I got home the news reported that there had been 8 deaths in the 1st 9 days of racing.  I had to go out of town for work the next day so that night while in my hotel room, I googled 'what happens to race horses that cannot race anymore'.  I wanted to know what happened to the horses that were injured but didn't die. (or so I thought)  I came across the website for Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue.  I learned that many of these horses are Vanned off.  Some with very minor injuries.  Vanned off is saying they were sent to slaughter.  It was disgusting to find out that many of these horses could lead perfectly normal lives with a small amount of rehab. They can go on to have successful careers as Eventing horses or be trail and pleasure horses.  The ones that can no longer be ridden can be as happy as can be as pasture companions.  They are not given that chance:-(  I decided to start donating a small amount monthly (still do) and emailed the President Caroline Betts.  I started a correspondance with her that eventually led me to putting in an adoption application.  Not an easy process for a 1st time horse owner.  Especially for an OTTB (off track thoroughbred)  I have to thank my Husband, Love of my Life and Soul Mate Joe for being so so supportive through this journey!  When I decided to adopt I kept looking through the horses available.  I kept coming back to Lake.  She was the horse I wanted to meet.  Joe and I met her on Oct 6th.  What a beautiful Saturday!  I took one look into her eyes and just knew LAKE was our horse and I was going to do whatever it took to bring her home to Temecula and give her the life she deserved!  At this point my application was still being processed. Very nerve wracking!  I didn't want to get my hopes up but I had already been making plans :-)  researching boarding facilities, costs of a horse, care etc....hours and hours.  I continued visits and even started a little training with a lesson horse with Glenda, her current care giver and trainer for the rescue.  Then the contract was finalized on October 22nd 2014 and Lake was officially a member of our Family!!! (to be continued)