Feb. 22, 2015

Lake's story

I have decided to share Lake's story.  I may be the only person who reads it and that is ok.  It's a story that needs to be told as it is not just her story but that of 1000's of retired race horses.  Unfortunately not all of the stories have a happy ending but with spreading of the word, maybe there can be more! I have been doing a lot of research trying to put together her life so far.  Lake is a rescue.  She was rescued from the final journey to the Slaughter House by Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue.  She is also a winning race horse, winning her 2nd race at Santa Anita February 22nd, 2007.  HRTV sent me the DVD and it is amazing!  After being retired from racing she became a Broodmare and had 1 baby, Quarterinthestorm.  Her picture is in my photo gallery.  Not clear how it happened, but a year after Quarter was born, Lake was rescued from an Auction probably just hours from being loaded onto a VAN (I call it a death Van) and shipped to slaughter.  These horses can stay in these Vans for days without food or water.  If it is the summer, can you imagine the heat?  This is the end.  They are on the slaughter pipeline.  The process is horrible and can be viewed at horseracingwrongs.com.  Be prepared!!  I'm going to start from the beginning of this Amazing journey with her.  It was life changing for our family.  Lake is our newest Child:-)  It may take a few days or weeks to catch it up and I thought it would be easier for readers if it wasn't the length of a small novel to begin with.  When I get to where we are today I will update her story as it unfolds.....(I have already discovered I am really incompetant when blogging.  I tried to edit a mis-spelling in 'The beginning' section and it switched with Lake's story.  This should have been 1st and 'The beginning' should be before the benjamins.  I can't switch it back:-(